Business Manager

Experienced Manager who joined the cinema industry in 2012 with Filmhouse Cinemas.

Chioma has worked in Lagos and Port-Harcourt and now Asaba.

Favorite Film Life of PI (2012)

Cinema Manager

Moved through the ranks and now a cinema Manager on merit, Started with Filmhouse Asaba now Cartege Cinemas Asaba.

Favorite Film The Dictator (2016)


Another experienced cinema person who started as cinema manager with Filmhouse in 2015, working in Calabar and Lagos before becoming the accountant for Cartege Cinemas Asaba.

Favorite Film The Greatest Showman (2014)

Marketing Manager

Joined the cinema industry in 2016 with Filmhouse Asaba and a very proficient marketer for the cinema and the mall. Also doubles up as cinema manager when required.

Favorite Film The Accountant (2016)