Chance to WIN FREE TICKETS to watch the film of the week. The winners gets 2 Tickets each for that movie.



“What Men Want”¬†opens on 8th Feb. 2019.
We are giving away 2 tickets every week until then to see any film of your choice.

For this week, all you have to do is answer the following questions.

1. In which year did Taranji P. Henson appear in her first film?
2. Which famous TV series did she make her fame?

Terms and Conditions

1.We must receive your answers by Thursday 7th Feb. by 6pm latest.
2. Please make sure you put your phone number and ensure your phone is on at all times.
3. You must be Available on Wednesday at anytime to be invited to see the movie.
4. Judges decision is final.
5. You must come with your phone for number verification purpose.
6. Successful applicants would be indoctrinated into Cartege Cinemas Film club to review future films and do shout outs.

Good luck!

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